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Topic: Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)

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    Thumbs up Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)

    I just received my Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings and they are absolutely fantastic! They seem to be the warmest, richest sounding strings I've heard. There's one patch called 24esp that covers the entire keyboard and is perfect for grabbing some quick chords (which is how I compose) The sound is very full, lush and warm. There's also some nice chamber strings and a ton of articulations with different velocity settings etc.

    Keep in mind that this library was produced when 32 megs (not gigs!) were all a sampler could handle. I just finished up a piece of music for an animation i did using EWQL's Gold and the Virtuoso Strings and am very happy with the results.

    I don't work for Kirk Hunter, I just feel that he has captured the sound of strings that I have been looking for for a long time and wanted to share this discovery with you all.

    Oh, and for $49 it's an absolute steal.

    All the very best,


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    Re: Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)


    Can someone post a link to wherever they got this bargain from!

    I keep reading about them.. want them... but can't find any mention
    of them on the KH website... Or are they only available via a third party?

    Please.... Am I being stupid / blind / both?!



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    Re: Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)

    Oh, and for $49 it's an absolute steal.
    Especially when you consider I paid $1000 for them back in 2000!

    I always liked the sound of those strings as well. Granted, I don't use them these days, what with EW Platinum, GOS, Opus 1, Chamber Strings as well as Kirk's solo strings sitting on my hard drive, but they served me well back in the day.

    My favorite story was I was producing a record back when I first got the library, and had used his "chamber" strings to mock up a string quartet for one of the tracks. At the recording session for recording the real quartet, the violist walked in as the other players (who were already there) were listening to my mock-up, looking over their charts.

    The violist (who is a very respected session player and composer here in Nashville) got confused, and said "Have you already recorded the strings?... wait, are those samples... no... have you already recorded a pass?"

    They practically fooled a session string player.

    And certainly by todays standards, we've come a long way. Still, that's testimony to how good those strings can sound, in the proper context.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)

    I wonder if they would be useful to add a little "Hollywood" to GPO's strings.

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)

    Are they downloadable after purchase?

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)

    I just purchased them as well. Awsome deal! Not downloadable, but mine arived 2 days after I ordered them.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings (and me)

    k... dont want to mess around with customs etc.. they should really make it downloadable at that price.

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