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Topic: TQ: Is FX-Teleport Scalable?

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    TQ: Is FX-Teleport Scalable?

    I just received my GPO from the group buy, as well as Atmosphere. I'm a bit concerned about my DAW CPU and memory usage when I consider that I am going to be running a good size orchestra, soft synth's, and most likely a good convolution reverb in the future, and I am looking at options to split out my VSTi and VST FX from Cubase into a wrapper, such as V-STACK or FX-Teleport, onto another machine. So, I would like to get your opinion here, and a survey from fellow forum members...specifically your opinion about FX-Teleport. Here are some questions for attention:
    • How is performance, stability, and memory usage?
    • What would you recommend as a minumum setup for both the DAW side and the server side?
    • Do you see any network issues?
    • What VST plugs and instruments are you running remotely?
    With regard to my setup, I am thinking of using a 2 gig XP laptop 1.6mz as a server, and I am running my CUBASE VST 32 DAW with 2gigs ( only 1 is used under Win98 ), but this isn't as important as understanding what your experiences with the product have been, what issues you went through to make it work, and what issues you still see outstanding with the product.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: TQ: Is FX-Teleport Scalable?


    I am running Sampletank2, RMX (see my other thread), Stormdrum etc ... It works like a charm.

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