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Topic: LPC Guitar: Clean only version and Distortion only version available!

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    LPC Guitar: Clean only version and Distortion only version available!

    LPC Electric Clean Guitar
    LPC Electric Distortion Guitar

    The true sound of Gibson Les Paul Custom includes
    over 30 Giga-bytes, approx. 75,000 samples

    Price: $299.00 (until July 10 2005)
    regular price: $349.00

    Now Available at Prominy sound shop;


    'LPC Electric Clean Guitar' is the clean only version of the full LPC Electric Distortion & Clean Guitar.
    (Also 'LPC Electric Distortion Guitar' is the distortion only version of the full LPC Electric Distortion & Clean Guitar.)

    Demos and details

    User's Manual (145 page 4.5MB)

    Controller Chart (308 page 3.0MB)

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    ----------------- Product Features -----------------

    Extreme power of expression that no one has reached before.
    The world's most powerful and largest library of a single instrument includes:

    - 121 .gig files which includes over 3,600 instruments

    -Perfect sampled sounds of all fret positions on every string*1.

    Single note, 5th-dyad chord, 4th-dyad chord, mute(tight, medium, loose),
    octave, vibrato(single note, 5th-dyad cord, 4th-dyad chord, octave),
    single bend, unison bend, stationay bend, double bend, legato slide, pinch harmonic,
    various chords, picking noises, scrape, etc.

    Legato Slide
    - A huge number of sampled legato slide techniques.
    From Seminole (1 fret) to 1 octave (12 frets), multiple tempos and velocity
    options for every single note, 5th-dyad chord, 4th-dyad chord*2, and octave
    playing styles.

    - 'Real time Legato Slide instruments'
    Using Giga Studio 3.0's new feature, 'Legato Mode',
    you can enjoy real-time legato slide.

    Various chords played by up, down, fast, and slow strokes
    - major, minor, 7th, minor7th, major7th , add9th, 7th-9th, major7th-9th,
    sus4th, dim7th, #9th, minor9th, major3rd(vibrato),
    major (picking harmonics), open chords, etc.

    Huge number of picking noises are recorded in multiple forms on all frets and strings.
    Picking noises made while playing a guitar is one of the most important
    characteristics that identify a live guitar recording.

    *1: except some playing techniques.
    *2: legato samples for 4th chord: 1 fret slide, 2 fret slide, and 3 fret
    slide are only available.

    For more information;
    visit Prominy's website and download manuals.


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    Re: LPC Guitar: Clean only version and Distortion only version available!

    Will you do a Kontakt version?

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    Smile Re: LPC Guitar: Clean only version and Distortion only version available!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaim Goldman
    Will you do a Kontakt version?
    Hello Chaim,

    Currently, other samplers can not import GS3's legato mode. We are going to test Kontakt2's script editor, and if the script editor can reproduce GS3's legato mode completely, we will consider to release the Kontakt version. (We can not say the completion date, though.)

    Giga2.0 instruments can be imported with other software samplers.
    (GS2 format and GS3 format; both of them are included in the package.)

    All the sounds (samples) included in LPC is available using Kontakt. But, 'Realtime legato slide instruments' using GS3's Legato Mode function can not be imported into other samplers. Normal legato slide instruments can be imported into other samplers. However, you can get a same result as ''Realtime legato slide instruments' by crossfading normal a sustain instrument and a normal legato slide instrument with your sequencer manually.

    In short, you can enjoy all the sounds of LPC with Kontakt.

    The difference between GS2 instruments and GS3 instrumnents;
    Realtime Legato Slide instruments and some instruments are not available in
    GS2 format. For more details, please read the LPC controller chart which can be download from;


    I hope this answers your questions.

    Thank you.

    Akihito Okawa

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    Re: LPC Guitar: Clean only version and Distortion only version available!

    Thanks. Looking forward to the K2 version.

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