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Topic: RMX help

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    RMX help

    Hi all, hope someone can help me with this ......is it possible to change an individual sound in a loop for another in RMX?I've got RMX running 3 loops and in one of the loops I want to change the kick for a different one but I cant figure out how to do this.I'm sure I saw a guy from spectrasonics at the show here in the UK do this but I cant remember how.Thanks in advance

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    Re: RMX help

    If you put the kick slice(s) into an edit group, you can then use
    all of the mangling features of RMX, including effects, edits, chaos,
    etc. to change the sound of only the kick slices.

    It's easy to make an edit group that has any slices you want in it.
    Just play the slice you want to isolate, then choose "Create Edit Group".

    If you want to add other slices to that edit group, choose "Enable add/remove slices", and play some slices, pressing "add" after each one you want to add to the edit group.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX help

    thanx!I've set up an edit group like you said but im stumped as to how I can replace the kick with another in the rmx library

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    Re: RMX help

    I think that putting your kick notes into an edit group will only allow you to manipulate the existing kick sound, not replace it.

    To totally replace it you'll have to erase all of the kick notes in the original loop, then load up another track with the kick sound that you want instead, and write in the notes to replace the ones that you just erased.

    Hopefully that makes sense.
    Dane Hawkes DiAnda
    C. I. Studios

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    Re: RMX help

    Maybe you could edit the midi notes to achieve what you want to do.
    Go find the offending kick drum notes and delete them.

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    Re: RMX help

    Thanx peeps,I shall give it a shot

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    Re: RMX help

    This would be a great feature to add to RMX.

    The ability to select an instrument/edit group and replace it with another instrument by browsing the banks of instruments located in one's hard drive...just the way we do with a drum Rompler.

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    Re: RMX help


    There is no automatic slice/sound replacer in RMX. However, it's not difficult to do what you want.

    There are different ways to approach this situation (I prefer #2):

    First way....
    • On the groove that has the offending kick drum, create an Edit Group that contains all the Kick Drum slices and Mute that Edit Group, so that the kicks don't play anymore.

    Then you can go to another Part, load a Sound Menu with Kick Drums and play or program the kick yourself where it's supposed to go. Once you got the timing of the groove, you could switch Kick Drum Sound Menus or play different MIDI notes within a Sound Menu to hear different kicks.

    Second way....
    • Drag-and-Drop the MIDI file of the groove onto your sequencer track. Find the Kick Slices. Move them to another track and use them as the timing template for the kick drum track (make sure you put them all on the same MIDI note).

    Now, you could load a Sound Menu on another part as described above OR: you could load a second RMX instance and put it into Kit Mode. Then you could trigger that second RMX with the Kick Slices you moved. Kit mode is setup to respond to the General MIDI spec, so the Kick Drum sounds appear on notes B0 and C1 (assuming C3 as middle-C). The cool thing about Kit mode is you can load up all 8 Parts with Kick Drums and all the Kick Drum sounds from all 8 parts will appear on notes B0 and C1, so you can make these HUGE, PHAT sounding 8 Layer drums while still only playing one MIDI note. Try it! (It REALLY works great when making huge PHAT snare sounds.) Also remember that you can easily add custom FX to each drum sound.

    Also, in this second method, you can fill the silent "holes" in the original groove by using other slices from that groove so the it doesn't go completely silent from the missing slices.

    (If you were using RMX in Kit Mode as a drum machine/module, it IS possible to just replace sounds at will. Simply switch from one kick to another. But sliced up grooves don't work that way.)

    Hope that helps.


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