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Topic: Any chance of a group buy on Ivory?

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    Any chance of a group buy on Ivory?

    Like many PC users on this forum, I'm waiting for the Windows release of Ivory from Synthogy. I'm not sure if Synthogy employees read this forum, but if so, is there any chance of a group buy once Ivory for Windows becomes available?

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    Re: Any chance of a group buy on Ivory?

    dunno .. not sure but I'd bet synthogy would want to take advantage of the 'novelty' time period for Ivory PC version .. then when the dust has settle a little, they could stir it up again with a group buy ... i'm thinking a group buy right off the bat would probably not be something to hold your breath for .. but again, i very well could be wrong.

    not interested in the PMI group buy?

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    Re: Any chance of a group buy on Ivory?

    Actually I am interested in the PMI group buy, which is half the trouble. I'm hoping that Ivory for Windows comes out before the PMI group buy ends so I can make a more informed comparison between the two. From what I've heard so far, though, Ivory sounds better to my ears. And most of my Nashville friends who rely heavily on piano samples for their recording sessions think that Ivory has set the new standard.

    Of course, I'd love to buy both the PMI libraries and Ivory, but I'm not sure the wife would let me.

    Also, in the end, the PMI group buy would actually cost me more, since I don't have a full version of Kontakt/GS/Halion yet. With Ivory, I could hold off buying a sampler a little longer.

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