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Topic: GPO Arrival Date?

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    GPO Arrival Date?

    Hey guys I ordered GPO for the group buy around June 5th, I am wondering when the estimated shipping/arrival date is because I may be moving soon (possibly July 1 give or take) so I am wondering if maybe I will have to give a new shipping address to gary because if it arrives later than that I won't be here at the current address anymore. So do you think it will arrive before late June/Early July? I'm in Brooklyn, NY by the way. Thanks.

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    Re: GPO Arrival Date?

    Hi and welcome to the GPO forum. I would suggest that to safeguard yourself you could always leave a forwarding address (your new residence) with the post office. For at least two weeks after you move the NYS post office will reroute your mail and packages to your new address. I don't know what carrier Garritan uses but in the case if shipped by UPS you can call and have it forward as well.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: GPO Arrival Date?

    thanks I'll probably end up doing that, but I'll still hold off for now if someone does tell me it's coming before early July?

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