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Topic: A great sound of a Digiridoo?

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    Question A great sound of a Digiridoo?

    Hey there!

    I'm searching a free digiridoo for ethnic music!
    i've search but found nothing! someone can help me?


    Edit: A sample librairie! :P
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    Re: A great sound of a Digiridoo?

    Unless something shows up here that I don't know about, you'll just HAVE to pay the $50 for one of those small Digeridoo libraries (I'm sure you've seen them if you've been searching).

    MANY times I've looked for free didge: it aint out ther as far as I can find.

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    Re: A great sound of a Digiridoo?

    Since the Dig is more a phrase instrument with continuous tone sampling to note in problematic. My solution has been to acquire loops of the basic phrases and use Logic to beat and key shift if needed.

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    Re: A great sound of a Digiridoo?

    I also try the one from Back in Time Records... Not free but pretty cheap. Kontakt and Akai format which imports into just about anything.


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