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Topic: Death

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    Hi guys,

    I'm back again with a simple short tune that is a little emotional, but very simple.
    I was just messing around with GPO and i've had a simple melody in my head that i composed with GPO and it turned out quite good!

    Imagine you are a girl, and you're friend has been shot down. He lays in your hands coughing blood and all those things, and when he's about to say his final words to you he dies in your hands. You scream: NNOOO!!!

    It makes this song a little more touching!



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    Re: Death


    I always liked that air, but it is the exact same air same tempo as in the rock from Harry Gregson-Williams (he use it in metal gear solid too and some other place)! hehe well I know it was not intentionnaly anyways! Theres way too many song now its hard to create a melody that doesnt exist.. even to we create something and dont listen to other we often end up with a melody who ressemble to something always existant!


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    Re: Death

    it's funny, i've always had difficult imagining myself as a girl but i see your point

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    Re: Death

    Your music quite well fits the description. Maybe a tad overly dramatic, but still, it works well to help paint a mental picture of the scene. For myself, I always thought of a slightly quieter piece that carries the same strength & depth of emotion as this piece, but that's just me, and I'm sure there are those out there who would disagree. I'm not saying your piece doesn't work, but just that I would handle it differently.

    That's what makes music composition so unique, we bring our interpretations into our work so it makes each piece uniquely original, the same way two different conductors handle a piece of classical music. I've heard the Canon in D handled slowly and with much feeling, and also played so rapidly that it was tiresome and made me feel that the conductor just wanted to race through the piece to get it finished. I preferred the former interpretation.

    Anyway, I'm rambling - very nice work.

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