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Topic: 3.10 PDF???

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    3.10 PDF???

    I went to the download page and donloaded the 3.10 file. All I got was the update? Where is the PDF that explains the new features and how to use them???

    When I click on help in gigastudio the original help files come up. Where is the new documentation and how do I get it?


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    Re: 3.10 PDF???

    I just went back to the registered users page and there is not a PDF listed for download.

    what am i missing? Did they remove the link?

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    Re: 3.10 PDF???

    there was one there, called revision history I think, when I downloaded 3.1

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    Re: 3.10 PDF???

    whats your e-mail adress ?

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    Re: 3.10 PDF???


    Login and click the updates link when you get there. Get "3.01 Changes History".


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