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Topic: I'm confused please help.

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    I'm confused please help.

    first of all, I just received my GPO group buy yesterday and so far i absolutely love it. thanks Gary. i see infinite possibilities in my future. So far i've had no problems with installation, or even with Kontakt player (v. 1.1.8) running as an RTAS plugin with ProTools. (although I haven't yet tried large ensembles)

    my confusion lies in the Update Doc. PDF File dated 0ct '04 that i downloaded from the garritan site which describes many "new" features:
    • “Full Strings” instruments
    • Aggressive short bow strings
    • Aggressive brass instruments
    • Advanced keyswitched instruments
    • “Length” control parameter
    • Solo winds vibrato control
    • Advanced portamento control
    • “Playable” single key tremolos and trills in solo strings
    • “Playable” single key rolls in percussion
    • Tonal variation control in pipe organ instruments
    • Extended vibraphone controls
    • Folder organization in “score” order
    • Ensemble instruments are now renamed “players” (Plr1, Plr2, Plr3) for clarity
    • Optional “X-Custom” folder with an assignable slider for volume/timbre control (normally mod wheel) now available as a separate download

    The only features from the list that i DO seem to have are “Playable” single key tremolos and trills in solo strings; and “Playable” single key rolls in percussion.
    is there an update that i am missing? did i not install correctly? Is the Oct. '04 update doc. now obsolete? someone please help me out. thanks.

    BTW. I'm running a MAC OS10.3.9 on a PB 1.5ghz with 1 G ram.

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    Re: I'm confused please help.

    I forgot to mention, I did download the x-custom folder but it did not contain an installer. just several instrument folders and a pdf doc.
    maybe this is my problem. yes?
    can i install the folders manually?

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    Smile Re: I'm confused please help.

    Hi conwaylemmon,
    welcome to this forum.
    X-Custom file is a folder of instruments. Unzip it directly into the Instruments folder of Garritan Personal Orchestra.
    You can also unzip it to another location on your hard drive and move the X-Customfolder to the Instruments folder. If you will put it right it will appears in to the Kontakt player together with the others folder.
    Hope to have help you,

    P.S. In order to have more insight try to search across the forum (look at the bar above) you will find a search botton. Try to look for X-custom!!

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    Re: I'm confused please help.

    thanks alot. got it now!

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