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Topic: StylusRMX freezes CPU at 100%

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    StylusRMX freezes CPU at 100%

    I have some major issues with StylusRMX 1.2 after formatting my hd. I just recently upgraded from XP home to Pro as I discovered home edition did not support mulit-processing. I use a dual p4 3.2 laptop with an external m-audio FireWire audiophile and 1 gb RAM. I use Cubase SX 2 and everything was working great (including stylusrmx) until the re-installation...

    When the disk was formatted I installed WinXP, drivers, cubase, vsti's and stylusrmx. When I opened one of my older projects and pressed play everything seemed to run fine when cubase suddenly freezes and the cpu-monitor goes up to a 100% and stays there even if I stop playback. The frame where cubase freezes gets repeated (in master out) until I quit cubase. I found this very disturbing but when I opened a different project with a higher cpu-usage everything seemed ok. I continued working on the project through the day and encountered no problems whatsoever. The performance was improved from XPhome as I now could check the multiprocessing-option in cubase (If I had multi-processing checked using XPhome it caused performance issues) so I was very muched pleased.

    I exported a mixdown of the track, edited it some more and cubase suddenly freezes in the same way as before mentioned, cpu load to 100% ... I re-opened the project and tried to make an export of the track as it froze again... This is the present situation and have been since friday afternoon.

    When I press export it runs normally for 1% then remaining time goes up to 30-45 minutes and remaining time ascends for every percent completed. I tried to export a shorter file just to hear the outcome and after 5-8 secs the skipping frame-noise, which allso comes when cubase freezes, is all the exported wav contains.

    It took me quite a while before I realized it was Stylusrmx that caused this but when I deactive stylusrmx from the vst instruments rack in cubase the cpuload goes down to normal and tracks can exported without any hassle.... when I activate it the cpuload is 100%, exporting takes forever and when finnished it's only the first 5 secs which isn't noise....

    I have tried re-installing stylusrmx but with no results
    any help would be very much appreciated

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    Re: StylusRMX freezes CPU at 100%

    I haven't heard of anything like that before, so I can only guess that something became corrupted when you reformatted and now it's causing songs to be corrupted. I'd recommend:

    1) Delete the RMX plugin and the program files\spectrasonics folder
    2) Reinstall from the installation DVD's and reauthorize RMX

    Then try working on a new song and see if that works ok.

    - Glenn

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    Re: StylusRMX freezes CPU at 100%

    I tried to start a new project as you mentioned and it seemed fine. It seems that all my multi's have been corrupted in some way So if i go into an old project, remove stylusrmx and add it again everything is fine... it's a pity I can't load any of my saved multi's though.

    I saved a new multi with aproxemately the same elements as in the corrupted one and now exporting and playback are back on track.

    I have been tearing my hair out since friday night so this was really a relief. Thank you so much.


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