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Topic: "Father's Lullaby" (sample)

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    "Father's Lullaby" (sample)

    Hey guys!

    I've been away far too long and not work on some of my music. I've been working a months straight with no days off for quite sometime other than today. Hey it's a good sized paycheck coming to me.

    Anyways here is a sample of something I've been working on the past couple of days. Still trying new things on my other peices but haven't had time to really delve into them. I had this theme in my head. Hope you like it.


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    Re: "Father's Lullaby" (sample)

    Hey Superb_Tenor. I don't know if this was happening to others but I couldn't download the file as an mp3 (if that's what you intended). It would save to Word as a document. ? It may be this end. I would know for sure though.

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    Re: "Father's Lullaby" (sample)


    Beautiful theme you wrote. This is great to listen to when having a hectic day (like today). I liked the way you developed it, but it cut off abruptly while relaxing into it. I hope you finish this.

    Fathers need lullabies too!

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Very beautiful and relaxing piece!!
    Great composition. I know it is not finish, but given its beaty, try to insert more legato between the notes.
    When this piece will be finished it will be a great success not only here on the forum...
    Best of luck,

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    Re: "Father's Lullaby" (sample)


    Sorry Not sure what the problem is I downloaded it myself though I don't really need it.


    Thanks for comments. I'm still planning on finishing it some time in the near future. Sorry to cut so short as it was only a sample.

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    Re: "Father's Lullaby" (sample)

    oh, how nice!...like sitting in an english garden under the stars...very enjoyable

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