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Topic: LPC guitar update for GigaStudio3.1

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    Smile LPC guitar update for GigaStudio3.1

    The LPC update ver. 1.02(.gsi files) for GIGA STUDIO ver.3.10 is available.

    The updates make full use of the GS3.10's stack instrument selection
    feature. The update information is available at;


    The updates Include:

    - New stack instruments (.gsi) files
    - 'Faster attack' chord instruments
    - Round robin instruments

    GIGA STUDIO ver.3.10's new stack instrument selection feature allows users
    to control which instrument is active among the instruments on the stack. By
    this new feature, users can control more dimensions and instruments on a
    single MIDI channel. The new .gsi files enhance LPC's playability and
    controllability. You can customize the .gsi files as needed. For example,
    load and stack some chords which you are going to use on your guitar track,
    and you can select one of the chords from the instruments (chords) on the
    stack. The new feature also makes it possible to create your guitar track
    using fewer MIDI channels.

    The update is available on our website. (Registered user only)
    You receive an e-mail with the download link and your password when you finished your registration.

    If you have not registered yet, please complete your registration at;

    We hope you enjoy the updates and GS3.10.

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    Re: LPC guitar update for GigaStudio3.1

    By the way, GigaStudio3.1 is available at;
    (Use this link and enter your CD key.)

    This link on TASCAM GIGA's top page has not been updated.

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    Re: LPC guitar update for GigaStudio3.1

    Due to the server maintenance, the domain 'prominy.com' has temporarily been disabled. Please use this link to download the update information;


    If you need contact us during the maintenance,
    please send a PM to me or email to info@prominy-ss.com.

    (Currently my e-mail address; info@prominy.com does not work.)

    Prominy's web site and web store will be back tomorrow morning.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Akihito Okawa

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    Re: LPC guitar update for GigaStudio3.1

    The server maintenance was finished.

    Our web site and web store are now live.

    Thank you.

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