Hi Guys,

Purchased GS3 Solo a few months back (used to just plugging in Quadrasynths or Junos up till now I'm afraid). Also have a Studiologic TMK88 master keyboard (semi-weighted velocity sensitive). I love the Bosendorfer sample that comes with GS3 Solo. The Megapiano is nice too.

Now then, this is my problem and I can't work out from the many threads that I have read on this site whether it is down to my keyboard or the settings on GS3:

As I play the sampled pianos, the notes are predominantly VERY quiet. If I hit the notes very hard I get the full volume of the note. But there appears to be little in between. As I play fast passages many notes are very quiet and some are actually inaudible and ocassionally as I play, some notes come through too loud. It's therefore not a very comfortable experience to play. When I have played piano sounds on many other synthesizers (such as the Quadrasynth 6 etc.) the keyboard seems to respond without a great effort on my part. I know that synth keyboards are very light, but I have played a small grand piano for many years and am used to weighted keys anyway.

So is this an issue with the keyboard or can I adjust the velocity 'range' in the software? If so, as I'm not very experienced at all with midi and computer audio apps or Gigastudio, can you help me with some simple solutions?

Many thanks.