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Topic: Question about Giga 3.0 Orchestral

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    Question about Giga 3.0 Orchestra

    Hi folks,

    Pinch me if I am sleeping. I have Giga Studio 3.0 Orchestra. I have a bunch of disks that came with this software. Are the samples in this version only demos? I see that the Giga Piano is not a demo. What about the orchestral instruments. What is complete and what are demos for promotions. Is this entitled orchestral for a reason?


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    Re: Question about Giga 3.0 Orchestral

    Yes, you are sleeping. Many of the samples are full instruments (though somewhat limited in the number of articulations and dynamic levels). You have the "vienna giga symphony" from VSL (www.vsl.co.at) plus gigapiano and maybe a few others.

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    Re: Question about Giga 3.0 Orchestral


    There are lots of good gigs in there. Some of the patches are stripped down, but others are full and useful.

    The VSL patches are certainly lighter than what you get in Opus 1 and higher, but they're the real deal. They have some demo patches for portamento and legato instruments (limited to an octave or so), but the others are full.

    Here's a trick: stack the staccato 1+2 with the mod-wheel sustains for the ensembles. You can then play the attack with velocity and the sustain with the wheel. It's a great live solution.


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