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Topic: Newbie with questions

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    Newbie with questions

    Gigastudio 3 Orchestra is arriving in my mailbox tomorrow. I've been looking forward to it. This isn't a hobby for me, I intend on scoring films for the animation studio I'm working for which is in it's very early start-up phase, and has a staff of 2. So it's not like I have to produce anything tomorrow, but soon enough.

    However I admit I'm a total newbie as far as apps like this goes. Up until now I've just played piano.

    So, here's a few questions:

    I'm getting GS3 Orchestra:
    • I've got a dedicated 160GB drive for GS3's samples separate from the application/operating system drive, will that be enough to handle all the samples that come with GS3 Orch? Should I go out and buy a 300GB+, because I intend to add some of the other sample libraries such as native american flutes, etc.
    • Can I load the sample banks spanning 2+ drives, or does GS3 insist on seeing all the sample banks on one drive?
    • I'm going to use my Roland RD700SX as a MIDI controller for GS3. However it was suggested I obtain an external control pad. I'm assuming that's meaning a multi-channel mixing device for mix-downs & recording that will control the virtual sliders and trimmer pots etc in GS3?
    • I will need a new sound card. I've been looking at M-Audio's 192 audiophile card. I don't plan on having more than two MIDI instruments connected, and a studio mic or two for dialog recording, and of course it has to support GSIF. I have an E-MU 0404, but E-MU's official position is they don't plan on supporting GSIF because GS3 is in direct competition with their Emulator X product. Does anyone have a good suggestion for an audio card to use with GS3 and Gigapulse that won't cost me over $300.00?
    • Does GS3 come with a MIDI sequencer of any sort or will I need to obtain a rewire compatible sequencer, and if so do you have any suggestions? I've looked at the Reason and Project 5 demos, but am unsure if either of those two apps are really what I'd need for sequencing.

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    Re: Newbie with questions

    1.) Should be plenty enough.
    2,) Put GS3 in your OS drive, use the 160 GB drive only for samples. Weed out as much of unncessary programs as you can...
    3.) I am not familiar with your controler. However, I do not think you need any external control pad. Control and mix down can be done inside GS and you sequencer.
    4.) If the number of inputs are OK in 192, go for it. I use AP 2496 and happy with it, but I use only the MIDI inputs. The S/PDIF inputs are free. If this is enough for your mics, I do not know.
    5.) No, you need a sequencer. I vote for Cakewalks Homestudio 2004, or Sonar. Unless you do a lot of audio with GS, Homestudio is enough and less expensive.

    Upgrade to v. 3.10 soon (free)
    Good luck, Ted

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