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Topic: gigastudio bundle problem

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    gigastudio bundle problem


    I had an old version of Gigastudio kicking around that I'd never used. I got it bundled with my us-122 and I never used it because I was running homestudio at the time. I've since upgraded to Sonar 4 Producer and would like to install gigastudio.

    Here's my question, I'd like to register it to get the updates and access to member stuff but, there's no cd-key that I can find. When I finally! got through to tascams' tech support he told me I didn't need one and hung up the phone. (I wasn't impressed with the support on any level.)

    How can this be? I can't register gigastudio? Do I have to buy something?

    Thanks in advance for any insight,
    Brian Jacobsen

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    Re: gigastudio bundle problem

    Most stuff that comes bundled with sequencers is not upgradable so I would assume that if you want to use it properly you'll have to pay for it.


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    Re: gigastudio bundle problem

    Yeah, prob'ly just an LE situation. "Upgrade?? Not for you, son. Yours was free. The real deal'll cost ya."

    Such is life, I guess.


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    Re: gigastudio bundle problem

    Probably GS 24.

    I'm not sure what running Home studio had to do with not installing GS. There used to be an update page (NOT upgrade) that didn't require a CD-key to get to. That would allow you to install the most current patch for GS 24. I can't find the link anymore though.

    GS 24 doen't qualify you for a upgrade at a reduced price. But, you can install it and use it.

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    Re: gigastudio bundle problem

    I know when I bought my US122 a while back it came bundled with the 24-voice version of GS2. If you were to buy one today you'd get GS3 LE which I think has a similar voice limit. If that's your situation, you might try and see if you can get them to send you the current bundle CD. For what its worth, there is in fact a GS3 LE patch to v3.10 in their web-site User Area but I don't know how you'd get there without a CD key which the web site uses like an access password.

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