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Topic: velocity problems

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    Exclamation velocity problems

    GS3 experts wanted. There are more people around me who are suffering this problem, but no one knows how to solve it.

    When I load a random gig file, and play a very soft note in GS3 (velocity 1) on a midikeyboard / in my sequencer / on the internal keyboard of GS (vel. set to auto), the sample gets played much louder than it should be. Velocity 1 even sounds the same as velocity 15 does. Above velocity 15 I hear a sudden change... the sample gets played a little louder. So, velocity is working, but not as smooth as it should be.

    When I load the .gig files in Halion instead, it works fine! Velocity 1 represents a very low volume, the way it should be. Also the layers are fading seemlessly into eachother. However, I'd like to work with GS3!

    Adjusting the volume or editing the instrument to soften the played note is not an option for me, since I think that something else is going on, cause the instrument is working fine in Halion. Did I miss a global setting somewhere?

    Is there anyone who knows how to solve this?

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    Talking Re: velocity problems

    You are asking for an expert. I am not. But:
    Go to your Mixer page in GS3, go to the track you are playing. In the first coulumn Volume, click the drop-down arrow and select Control 11, Expression. I think you'll find it is set all the way up. Reduce it to say 30, and try.


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    Re: velocity problems

    What .gig file are we talking about?

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    Re: velocity problems

    Check the gig file in the gs editor:

    one possibility is that the field called "velocity curve scaling" has a value in it (in the gs editor, area "Key response"). If so, then your velocity 1 value is really 1 + the offset. Also, look at the "velocity curve" and "velocity curve range", same gs editor area. A low or medium low curve, especially if Nonlinear, results in a rather high value output for low velocity input -- which sounds like your problem.

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    Exclamation Re: velocity problems

    Very much thanks for your tips! I've tried to adjust the setting mentioned, but it didn't work out the way I'd like it to be. Next to that I found something on the Internet that proved what I was afraid for. I cannot add url's to my post, so I have to write it out.

    3 x w (dot) wstco (dot) com (slash) gigaissues

    I think I'm gonna use Halion again. Loading a gig file is the only thing I have to do in that sampler. After loading a piano for example, the velocity is perfect instantly! No tweeking needed... the way it should be, I think.
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    Re: velocity problems

    gigastudio issues for piano patch

    There's the link -- you have to use the little symbol (world with chain link) above your text box. Anyway, it's interesting reading -- but with a flaw, it seems to me: they were testing the "NON-LINEAR" setting, which gave a NON-LINEAR response, and did exactly what the manual says it does, compress the actual velocity range into a narrower range (by eliminating change at the top and bottom). Since I never write midi velocities of "5" or "125", that has always suited me pretty well -- my actual range of use is about 25 to 120. The LINEAR setting should give appropriate changes all the way down to 0.

    But I've spent a fair amount of time puzzled by these settings, I admit!

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