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Topic: Authorization Problem

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    Authorization Problem

    I am having a lot of trouble getting stylus to work
    i have a mac g4 DP 1.0/ 80 gig hd / logic platinum 5.5/ 768meg ram/orignal stylus
    do i need to take off the orginal stylus before i use the update or do i need to keep it on is that the reason the RMX is'nt working ?
    anywhy i have installed both disk1/2 with no problems , i load up logic go to the insert and choose stereo spestrasonics,stylus,RMX it then comes up with a autolaod page the front page, Stylus RMX ,realtime groove module, powered by sage nothing happens go to one of the tabs at the top left and change it to stylus rmx stereo the welcome to stylus rmx authorization page comes up with the challenge code already entered no respone code and you can not enter the respone code we have both the respone code and the challenge code but have only entered the challenge code ..
    can anyone help me i have sent e-mails to spectrasonics nothing back yet
    cheers paul

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    Re: Authorization Problem

    You can try authorizing with another host, for example Garage Band, but you'll probably have problems trying to use RMX with such an old version of Logic. Version 6 was the first version to have proper support for Audio Units. If that doesn't work, wait for assistance from tech support and they'll help you.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Authorization Problem


    sorry if it might be a stupid question here.

    where can i find my challenge code?

    i only got the serial number in the manual.


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