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Topic: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

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    ok help me like kontakt better (new heading!)

    [edit] -- I tried to change the subject header to make it less inflamatory -- but couldn't seem to do it -- sorry for starting the thread that way! [/edit]

    Having read so many harsh comments about gigastudio (which I like very much), finally bought kontakt 2 to replace the despicable kompakt player that came with EWQLSO gold --- and even the improved version makes me curse continually.

    Is it really possible that real people like truly like it?

    Yes, I believe some do -- and maybe some of you will help my new user difficulties.

    For instance, how to make it VISIBLE? Under OPtions, there is a section that says "small size " "mid size" "big size" and below, a section called "menu font size that has "normal medium large" when clicked or "mid" when not clicked (yuck to that consistency of words!) clicked. Nothing I do seems to change anything here ... except messing with the setting at one point the whole kontakt window disappeared out under the edges (and no adjustment of size is possible).

    I'm writing this with a display set to giant size so everything else looks completely crude. Surely people don't live with a program like this?

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    Re: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

    The alleged popularity of this format has been a mystery to me from day one... and the visual problems are just the tip of the iceberg...

    Maybe in future versions it will evolve in its basic functionality?

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    Re: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

    works great here.

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    Re: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

    works great here too...

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    Re: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

    Dunno, maybe you're allergic to greatness?

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    Re: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

    Hi gugliel,

    I changed this to "Larg" when I first got Kontact-2 and many of the instrument menus became unaccessable so I changed it back to "Mid".

    I have a 19 inch monitor so even with my bad eyesight I can sort of see it okay. Granted it could be better. I do know that if all I had was a 17 inch monitor I'd be in a world of touble.

    To be honest, I've had Kontact-2 now for about a month and the more I learn about it the more I like it. "Trial & error, Trial & error, Trial & error, Trial & error". For me the worst part is the manual (or lack of it).

    T. S.

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    Re: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

    well hmm the user community is helpful too ... but I probably should have started my question far less uh agressively.

    Politely then, how DO you adjust the visual parameters, you who say it "works for you"? I'm using a 19" monitor -- maybe partly the problem is that I'm accustomed to changing the size of windows constantly depending on what's in focus and what's not -- and can't seem to do that with kontakt (or kompakt). And I did read the manual, such as it is.

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    Re: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

    You just take the time to pick three sizes that work for you.

    The largest view I use standalone, the middle view I use normally as a plugin, and the small view I use only when I need more real estate.

    This is an extremely complex program, at a minimum equal to gigastudio, so you have to treat it as such.

    The kontakt 2 manuals (all 4 of them) are pretty good imo...

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    Thank you, crusader -- that's a start! Couldn't see the little button called "VIEW", which allows me to select among the setting set in "OPTIONS". So one problem surmounted ... now that I can see it maybe I'll start to like it better.

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    Re: ok why shouldn't i hate this kontakt?

    Sorry gugliel. Sometimes I get carried away and my humor is lost.

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