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Topic: kX Audio Driver on Creative audio cards

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    kX Audio Driver on Creative audio cards

    Hi! Anyone tried kX Audio Driver on yours PCI Creative audio cards?
    They say it expands possibilites of audio card enormosly & makes it max GSIF compatable. Is it true or ...?

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    Re: kX Audio Driver on Creative audio cards

    It is true...but it is sometimes a little buggy. I did run Gigastudio 2.54 for some time with a Soundblaster Audigy...it worked ok.

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    Re: kX Audio Driver on Creative audio cards

    I run kx for a soundblaster live on an older PC that gave up its pro soundcards, & I think it's excellent. The functionality is top notch, & it has always been solid for me. I'm not crazy about the UI but it's not aweful. Compared to a pro card the SBLive has a higher noise floor (still sounds fine IMO) and I can't crank the latency quite as low, but still KX project makes the SBLive way better than a cheap card has any business being.

    kx rocks.

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    Re: kX Audio Driver on Creative audio cards

    I've been running kX with a Soundblaster Audigy for quite a while now. I use Giga96 v2.54 . I also use Stormdrum and Absynth 2, and can successfully use those together in realtime with Giga in the same composition (though I have had issues with keeping them all in perfect time with each other, which I usually resolve through use of the 'time +/-' in the track view of Sonar). Overall it is a stable enough setup. I occasionally have problems, but not enough to hamper my workflow when composing.

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    Re: kX Audio Driver on Creative audio cards

    Tnx for all!

    I have old brand hardware - pIII 800, but it works perfectly with Gigastudio - just 40% of processor usage max! Lot of memory & big HDD. So I don't want to change my entire configuration for a pro soundcard. I had AWE64 before, but it’s not GSIF compatible in WinXP I use now & has poor noise floor.

    I bought Audigy presupposing it's gsif compatible. But discovered it's not, so my Gigastudio became useless

    I just started using KX, removing Audigy drivers first...
    It really works And it's really comprehensive! Audigy became GSIF compatible, so I'm really happy Number of Outputs = 8!!! It beats me only - why Creative ceased introducing gsif feature in brand new cards?! >

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