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Topic: Crashes with GPO/ Sonar 4

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    Crashes with GPO/ Sonar 4

    I've had a few crashes with Sonar 4 since I got my GPO... I had a look on the forums here and at Cakewalk and I can't find anything similar..
    basically I set up my first 'test' track with one instance of GPO loaded with two instruments...the first Midi track recorded fine but the second caused an error message and a crash to desktop, which isn't something I've had problems with in Sonar before, except one free VST years ago..
    Specs are:
    Pentium 4 CPU
    ASUS motherboard
    80 gig HD
    1 gig RAM
    Audiophile Soundcard

    I'm trying to test exactly what situation it crashes under but I haven't figured it yet.... sometimes it crashes, sometimes not...i'm running GPO as a VST, ...I'm still testing so apologies for not being more specific, I just thought if I posted here, others might have had similar problems? Only thing I can really say so far is that it doesn't seem to crash with a first recording, it'll be when I'm adding a second midi track or a third (if I'm lucky..)
    Frustrating because others seem to be running a similar setup without these problems

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    Re: Crashes with GPO/ Sonar 4

    That is strange, since Sonar running GPO as a VST has a rep for being rock solid. Do you get the same crash if you record with two instances of GPO, each with only one instrument? Are you using dry instruments? Wet should not be used except for audition purposes. Is your soundcard driver up to date?

    Keep us posted on the results of your experiments and maybe something will click.

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