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Topic: What is the deal with the update?

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    What is the deal with the update?

    First of all, there seems to be very little interest in the newest GPO update that went up on the NI server on June 16th.

    Secondly, what is it really supposed to fix?

    One of the featured fixes listed is improved RTAS performance. As a Pro Tools user I was very interested in this.

    I did a "before and after" test with a previous session that had 1 instance of Kompakt and 8 dry voices playing very sparse, slow music. Never were anymore than 3 voices playing simultaneously, but still getting up to 25% CPU spikes and occasional freezes.

    With the latest update, this same session would not even play one bar back before I got Digi Overload messages. I checked to make sure my buffer setting and CPU allocation were the same, and they were.

    Stangely enough however, the more I tried to play the session back, the better it did and the less it froze my system. I have no explanation for this.

    It would eventually play without freezing, but there is no improvement on the CPU meter. I don't think I could add anymore voices.

    Can Gary or Tom comment on what the improvements are? I am willing to accept I may have a setting wrong or something, but so far, no improvement at all for me in Pro Tools.

    One question? The options menu has changed. I no longer see the DFD option there. I thought maybe I had the DFD setting somehow turned on.

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    Re: What is the deal with the update?

    What version of ProTools are you using? I remember somewhere reading that the Kontakt update improved performance in ProTools 6.9. (But I might be wrong.)


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    Re: What is the deal with the update?

    I heard that too, so I upgraded to 6.9 to be ready for the forthcoming update.

    So far no joy!

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