Another problem in Sonar that drove me crazy was that I would setup a synth with all the instrument parameters (volume, pan, etc.) to my liking and things would work great till I hit Reset. Then the synth would reset all the parameters back to the values specified in the midi track(s) in Sonar. Reading various post suggested that I go under Options / Project / Midi Out and click OFF "Zero controllers when play stops" and "Patch/Controllers Searchback Before Play Starts". But no, this didn't work and the synth(s) would reset any ways. So for a while I lived with having to duplicate all the parameters in the midi tracks so that it would reset the same way every time.

Wanting to find a better solution I looked at the midi messages being sent during a Reset and found that unchecking the items in the project option did remove some of the midi message but not all. It was still sending messages like volume and panning (it also did not do this every time which was maddening). Went reading some more and found:


PanicStrength=<0 or 1>: The Panic/Reset button stops playback and turns off any stuck notes. There are two ways a MIDI note can be turned off: By a note-off message (n=1) or by MIDI controller number 123 (all notes off). By default, Panic uses controller 123 only (n=0).

Seeing that was the only other thing that could somehow be related I added it to the .ini file:

To add the line PanicStrength=1 to cakewalk.ini, you should put it on the line under [Wincake], like this:


(Make sure to not be running Sonar when making the change, it will go into effect the next time you start it)
And that finally got Sonar to send just midi controller 123, and not the other midi messages. Been using it now for several weeks and not once has a synth been reset. This allows me to now just set the parameters in the synth (Sonar saves all the instrument options with the project) and allows for easier tweaking (not having to switch between Sonar and the synth constantly).

-- BobR