Hi gigamats,

I\'ve renewed my machine with two last generation hard disks in order to use Gigasampler functionally. I\'m talking about two IBM 7200 ATA 100. One of 13 gigas master and the second one 30 gigas slave, partitioned as 5 giga, 10 giga, 15 giga. My system has a Celeron CPU 400 and 192 megas RAM!
I\'m not able to load samples as EAST WEST Bosendorfer/Steinway B and D pianos. Always system crashes when loading!The two hard drives are connected to different IDE channels (UDMA66); the samples are stored in the slave HD, in the 5 giga partition. Does anyone experienced a problem like this? I mean..is there such a tip for solving the problem? I\'m using Win 98 SE with optimization virtual memory on. Please help me!! I\'m very overcome!
Thaks a lot,