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Topic: 3.1 update

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    Angry 3.1 update

    IS it just me? Every time I try downloading the GS3.1 update it just hangs indefinitely. It appears to be doing something, and so far I haven't managed to make it timeout, but I can never even get as far as choosing a location to save it to.

    I know I should be talking to Tascam support about this, but I don't have the greatest faith in them.

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    Re: 3.1 update

    Mine downloaded fine. Have you tried another browser, say Firefox? Or, if you have accesst o another computer or connection, you could try it there.


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    Question Re: 3.1 update

    Anyone tell me why, with 3.1, GS doesn't see gig files in the browser window until I hit reset?

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    Re: 3.1 update

    Because you have to re-enter "*.gig" in the search path.

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    Re: 3.1 update

    Thanks Bill. I'll try it later. Pity they couldn't just make this a default setting instead of creating a bunch of time wasting intrigue.

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