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Topic: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

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    Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

    I am the happy new recipient of Stylus RMX since yesterday at 6pm eastern US time. Loaded it all up and it works beautifully and all I can say is now the hard part is deciding which drum element to use in my projects ... cause they're all great!

    buuuuuuuut, i'm having a hard time getting midi learn to work ... i've watched the tutorial on it .. it's cut and dry, easy and straight forward. I do what Eric describes/shows you to do, but it doesn't work. I'm using Windows XP with an Athlon 64 3000+ with 1gig ram .. and my midi keyboard controller is a Kurzweil 2500 .. I have 8 assignable controllers on the upper left portion of the keyboard and I tried the midi learn -> move the controller of your choice -> click the onscreen fader , but alas, it doesn't see it. I had the kurz midi on but it just wasn't seeing it .. the kurz uses channel 6 as it's controllable midi channel and i had all the midi faders on 6 but still no dice.

    just wondering if i can use the kurz to manually tweak stuff in RMX or if i'll have to wait the few months before I'm remotely allowed to spend the kind of money i've been spending on my studio lately

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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

    Should work fine....sounds like an issue with your MIDI stream or channelization.

    Check to see if if your controller information is getting to the plug-in.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX


    I have a K2000 and I can use the "controller" slider on the K2000 with RMX's MIDI Learn, so it should work with a K2500.

    On the K2000, I have to make sure that in the MIDI page, that the Control parameter is set to "Both" or "MIDI". If it's set to "Internal", then it won't work.

    Can you successfully play Slices or Grooves from the keyboard?


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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

    thx for the troubleshooting help thus far

    gabe - yes, I have the controller setting set to Midi .. it won't work for me either if it's set to local ... Both or Midi work just fine ..and I can play slices and grooves no problem at all. Very strange ... Like Eric said, I think it's a channelization problem. Is there a simple test to see if my controller info is getting to the plug-in? Also, this is probably a miscommunication between my kurz and stylus correct? or do I possibly have to make a change within Sonar?

    thx again guys

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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

    Just select "MIDI CC" for the value display in the RMX footer. That will show you what MIDI CC events are being received by RMX.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

    I was interested to see your posts on this topic. I am a blind person who has had some trouble using MIDI learn. I assumed it was because I wasn't placing the cursor precisely on the correct portion of the fader on the screen. I still think that might be the case. I have very poor vision and the attendent poor hand-to-eye coordination that comes with it. I did find that after much trial and error, I was able to get my controlers to "learn" what I wanted them to. Once I did it, I saved the file and will try not to do it again. It seems that the issue is placing the cursor exactly in a particular relationship to the on screen fader

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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX


    mmmm...I'm not a Sonar guy, so i don't have much to offer there.....but I suspect since the K2500 is setup properly, there's a channelization issue somewhere down the food chain. (I'm a DP guy)

    Glenn mentioned using the MIDI CC option in the Value Display in the Footer. That's a great tool for monitoring incoming Controller info. It will tell you if RMX is seeing the CC Data at all. That's the first step to figuring this out.


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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

    Hey guys

    Well I tried it again when I got back from work, and it still wasn't responding. I had the keyboard on its midi setting and everything. Clicked on midi learn, moved my fader, clicked a fader onscreen, no dice.

    I tried the Midi CC in the value parameter and here is what I got. To better illustrate, let me show you the left hand side of the kurz ... there is a master vol to the far left, and 8 assignable controllers just to the right of it , as so:

    I I I I I I I I I

    The master vol showed no signs of midi transmission whatsoever, nor did the fader directly to the right of it .. but all the rest did! I would get value results such as Ch 1: CC23 000, Ch1: CC33 000, etc. The 000 would scroll up to 999 as I moved the fader up and down. So it's seeing something!

    The weirdest part is I tried opening up Reaktor 5 spacedrone and right clicked a parameter, clicking midi learn, and moving a fader, and BAM it worked! In reaktor, it learned it just like that. Excited, I went back to stylus, tried it again, nothing. Sooo weird. It's not like i set anything up differently for reaktor either. I'm perplexed really. And I really want to figure it out cause after seeing the control I could have in reaktor with the manual faders, and applying it to stylus, oh man ... i could pull a hamper and a few pairs of pants in the studio and that hamper would be full in an hour

    *sigh* .. i'll get it .. probably by mistake ... sure is weird, huh

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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

    Bro, I just registered to this forum to find an answer to my problem which IS THE EXACT same problem you're having. The only difference is that I'm using multiple midi controllers (one of which---the microKontrol) w/Ableton 4.1.4.

    Just like you I have checked everything up and down including testing the midi learn functions of other programs with the same controllers and just like you, things worked fine. I have also been communicating with tech support about this issue and they think that I'm an idiot, which trust me bro is NOT the case.

    One of my other controllers I have been using is the Novation Remote-25. Both the Remote and the Kontrol have the most recent OS upgrades. Both work fine with the midi-learn function in Reason 3.0

    When I said EXACT, I was serious. Like you, I can trigger slices with note data, but no CC's. Iamb about to re-install...Iamb pretty pissed cause I have no idea what's going on other than a very probable bug in the update (1.2). So if I can't figure it out in a couple of days, Iamb just going to re-install and set if the same problems exist in version one, that is if MIDI learn is available in version one, that Iamb not sure.

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    Re: Midi Learn with Stylus RMX

    What do you see when you select MIDI CC in the Value display.

    Tech support doesn't think that about you BTW....:-)


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