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Topic: Importing v2 in v3, PC to Mac

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    Importing v2 in v3, PC to Mac

    I'm moving from PC to mac in a few moths, and getting Cubase / Halion setup on the mac as well.

    Most of my material is stored as Halion 2 FXPs and I wonder how well they will work when imported into Halion 3? Are there any fundamental differences to consider?
    I remember my horror month when going from Cubase VST to SX where most song files required endless tweaking before sounding decent in SX. I'd like to avoid that when moving from Halion 2 to 3.

    Also, I guess there shouldn't be any problems importing FXPs from PC Halion onto Mac Halion. Does anyone know of any issues that might come up?

    Thanx for any input
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    Re: Importing v2 in v3, PC to Mac

    You might want to make sure that Halion3 is Tiger compatible when you move. Currently it isn't. If Cubase doesn't step up to the Tiger soon, I'm gonna move to Kontakt2.

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    Cool Re: Importing v2 in v3, PC to Mac


    I cant speak for the MAC bit (personally a PC-kinda guy) but as for moving from ver2. to 3 - painless....eh on a pc that is, of course.

    Yes VST to SX was a big change, but in all fairness there was a radical change in the coding, which it seems is not the case for HALion. III is better but not radically different....

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