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Topic: What should a custom built system cost??

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    What should a custom built system cost??

    I\'m wondering if its a smart move to go with Soundchaser or the like for a custom built system. I\'m doing orchestral stuff, so the demands on the system are significant. I also can\'t afford to spend weeks troubleshooting. The quote I recieved was for a full blown Giga Studio 160 system for 3,700. 2,100 of that is for the computer 1.2 mhz. Because I need more than 16 MIDI channels they\'ve recommended the Froniter Designs Dakota/Tango and Montana (1,000). Does this quote seem reasonable?

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    Re: What should a custom built system cost??

    Seems a little on the high side. From my experience I would advice nothing but the Hammerfall 9632/9652 audio cards with Giga. You would have to get a seperate midi interface. Contact Boris at www.audiocomputing.com or Justin at Drastik http://drastiksolutions.11net.com/ Both very knowledgable in this area.

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    Re: What should a custom built system cost??

    I put together a system for GS 96 with a PIII 933mhz using the WaMi rack for under 2K. The WaMi rack includes 4 Midi ports and lots of I/O. Add $300 to go up to GS 160. I haven\'t had to troubleshoot at all (just a bit with Chicken System\'s Translator to get it set up right).

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