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Topic: Upgrading to Stylus RMX 1.2

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    Upgrading to Stylus RMX 1.2

    I downloaded and "installed" Stylus RMX version 1.2, I thought. Unfortunately, while my VST wrapper seems to adknowlege two versions of Stylus RMX in it, when I open Sonar 4 and enter the synth rack and add an instance of RMX, version 1.1 comes up instead of the challenge code I was told to expect when upgrading to 1.2. I have tried to install it in both the Spectrasonics directory within my program files directory on my C drive as well as the Spectrasonics directory on my E drive where all my VSTs actually live. What haven't I done correctly? I do notice that after the installation claims to have installed the program, I am directed to a screen with an uninstall for Stylus RMX on it. Was I supposed to uninstall 1.1 before upgrading to 1.2. Am I supposed to uninstall something at the end of the install process? what aren't I doing?


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    Re: Upgrading to Stylus RMX 1.2

    You don't have to uninstall anything, just manually remove the old dll first.
    Be absolutely sure that you installed the RMX dll in the correct directory. I had the same problem and realised that the default during the install was incorrect and had to make sure it was going into the right place.

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