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Topic: Choral voice samples?....Will any be made?

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    Choral voice samples?....Will any be made?

    I'm interested in obtaining decent Choral voice samples: ie: Soprano, Tenor,... Boys/girls choir, Gregorian chants, hymns, etc.

    Are there any plans for a Garritan collection to be recorded ???

    I know Spectronics's ( Symphony of Voices) is available… and quite nice,… but also a bit pricey.

    Does anyone know of another selection?

    Thanks for any info


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    Re: Choral voice samples?....Will any be made?

    Unfortunately for us, there are very few high-quality vocal libraries out there. Sure, there are some sample CDs with assorted ahhs and oohs, but in my opinion, Symphony of Voices still stands head and shoulders above the rest. There's Voices of the Apocalypse as well, which is similarly priced, and the new Quantum Leap Symphonic Choir (which is a whopping $1000). You could check out the various Bela D Media vocal products, which include Diva (an operatic soprano) as well as their new Giovanni library, which extensively covers boys' and girls' choirs.
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