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Topic: Kontact Player manual

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    Question Kontact Player manual

    I'm a newbie and I'm probably asking a dumb question, but Is there a manual that comes with the Kontact Player? I like to read the manual so that I can understand all the little buttons and symbols, i.e the midi connector next to the channel assignment drop down list. That connector is either unfilled (outline shaped) or solid...why? What's its use? Also, I would like to know more about each knob, i.e. what is each one's Controller assignment or are they programably assigned?

    Thanks for any suggestions. I have been all over the Garritan site and the Native-Instruments site and can't seem to find any downloadable manuals or reference to any manuals.


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    Cool Re: Kontact Player manual

    Never mind, I should really read entire manuals that come with the software before I open my mouth!


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