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Topic: Headphone output

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    Headphone output

    I can see from prior posts that whether you build your own computer or buy one, a professional audio card needs to be added. I do a lot of composing at night with headphones plugged into my synthesizer. A lot of the audio cards that have been recommended for GPO don't have headphone ports. Do these cards typically connect to a headphone port on the computer, or do I need to buy one with a headphone port?

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    Re: Headphone output

    Hi Randy, the Gina 3G has a headphone output as well as a lot of impressive features, microphone inputs, phantom power, and 6 outs... But it's a high end card..

    Gina 3G

    If you're going to use a cheaper sound card, you could also get a Behringer mixer for about $60, which is have a headphone out... So, if you got one of the audigy cards from Soundblaster and the Behringer mixer, you'd have a combo that's going to work for you late at night...

    audigy 2

    behringer mixer.

    For an intermediate price sound card, with great sound.. You may want to look at the M-Audio Delta 44...

    delta 44

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    Re: Headphone output

    I have the M-Audio Omni Studio card/breakout box combo. The card it comes with is the Delta 66 which is very nice. The box has lots of nice features, including built-in pre-amps, and two headphone outs.
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