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Topic: Turn Off Hyper Threading

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    Turn Off Hyper Threading

    I have been using GPO for about a year now and truly love the package however since day one i have experienced clicks and pops (regardless of the amount of instruments i have loaded)... I have tried every suggestion i could find to eliminate this to absolutely no avail....this morning I disabled hyper threading in my bios and ALL if the clicks and pops have now gone....what a great day :-)

    Apperently NI say that hyper Threading should be turned off because the kontakt player doesnt like it.

    I hope this helps other GPO'ers with the snap crackle and pops

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    Re: Turn Off Hyper Threading

    Great news Paul.

    Just to let you know that there is quite a lot of discussion out there that mentions this hyperthreading issue and to specifically disable it. I do hope people are finding it, and with your specific thread here, maybe they will...

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    Re: Turn Off Hyper Threading

    I commented about this in detail last week in tips & techniques:

    -- BobR

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