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Topic: AKAI import

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    Unhappy AKAI import

    I just tried playing some of my old AKAI discs in Kontakt2, just to see how well the import worked. I discovered a whole list of problems. It was fine with the first disc (Early Patches) but when I put another in I couldn't get it to see the partition structure of the new disc. It just kept showing the partitions of Early Patches. I had to restart Kontakt altogether.

    Then I tried Propellor Island's Gamelan, and Kontakt could only see the contents of two of its partitions, and would only load programs from one. From the other it just kept saying there was an unkown error that prevented the samples being loaded.

    So I tried it on Kontakt1.5, and it worked just fine. I couldn't get any of these problems to happen no matter how much I tried.

    Is this a known bug of version 2? Has anyone else had problems?

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    Re: AKAI import

    I've also had major problems with Akai import in K2. They fixed a bunch of import problems in the latest patch, but those didn't help me. If you haven't tried that yet you might want to, but don't have too high of expectations... They seem to be in denial about this so i decided to use EXS for now and exercise my patience...


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