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Topic: My GPO oboe

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    Post My GPO oboe

    It is only a short piece of music.
    I am very closed to this piece.
    I hope you can enjoy and appreciate it.
    I have to improve my skills, but this has been my first GPO piece...
    All my best,

    My Oboe

    Great tool is GPO!!!!!!

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    Re: My GPO oboe

    A lovely piece of music Roberto. Reminds me of Morricone's work.

    Well done and keep up the great work.

    Best wishes,

    Kaveh Cohen

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    Re: My GPO oboe

    Nice, would enjoy hearing the finished piece.


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    Re: My GPO oboe

    Roberto, this is very beautiful and beautifully realized. It would be wonderful to see you develop this further.


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    Smile Re: My GPO oboe

    Absolutely beautiful!

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    Smile Re: My GPO oboe

    Thank you very much to all.
    I am really glad you like it!!!!
    It has been in my music folder for a while and now I will develop it better!!!
    My best regards,

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    Re: My GPO oboe

    A delightful piece, Roberto. Just one minor concern: are you leaving enough space for the "soloist" to be able to breathe?

    Maybe it's my ears?

    Anyway, I enjoyed it so much I played it again. And again. I'd love to hear it fleshed out.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: My GPO oboe

    Roberto, that was a beautiful piece of music... Please show us more of your music in future... thanks for sharing...

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    Smile Re: My GPO oboe

    Dave, Tradivoro,
    thank you very much!!
    You have been really kind!!!
    I hope to post again here!!
    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: My GPO oboe

    This is really good! I wish it was longer!

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