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Topic: Downloading VSL performance tool?

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    Downloading VSL performance tool?


    I recently bought GS 3.0 and want to use the VSL Performance tool with my
    VSL orchestral samples and Gigastudio. How do I go about registering on the VSL site so that I can download the Performance tool? I've noticed that the registration section on the VSL website has a place to enter your VSL serial #. Seeing as VSL was bundled with GS 3.0, has anyone been able to register
    Gigastudio in order to download this Performance tool? I'm in the same
    predicament with Kontakt 2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Downloading VSL performance tool?


    The VSL tool is for when you buy a VSL library - not for use with the free samples bundled with samplers. I have VSL's Overdrive and DLed the Performance Tool with that library, but I don't believe the Perf Tool is meant for those with the sampler bundled sounds.
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    Re: Downloading VSL performance tool?

    You don't need the perf tool for the bundled sounds. They work with the GigaStudio native legato/rep functions.

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