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Topic: Ric's Waltz--ROUGH

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    Ric's Waltz--ROUGH

    This was a hasty response to the Orchestration Duel theme that RicZ posted. I didn't particularly feel it orchestrally; the initial harmony I heard reminded me of Bill Evans' tune Time Remembered, and the melody seemed flutish, thus Rampal & Bolling

    I did this REAL quick--took me more time to figure out what chords I wanted than to throw it together. I reserve the right to tweak the chords.

    I know my mixing skills are not good ant that my setup is real basic, but I'll try to develop this more as Overture 4 stabilizes and I can really put it to best use.

    The piece uses GPO Flute, piano, pizz bass, violin sec.
    (Sorry no drums--no GPO Jazz band yet--some people just had to have that *&$^%#@#! bass clarinet )

    Was assembled in the Overture 4 beta--when it's more stable, I'll repost--it'll do some neat-o stuff!!

    I hope to do it like the Bill Evans With Symphony Orchestra album--I'll do some improv & some woodwinds, strings, harp, etc

    Half Bill Evans, half Bolling & Rampal...

    PS-I just copied Ric's melody verbatim--I know that the chords in mm 18 & 19 should be Fb9 and BbbMaj7 given the notation, but who the heck wants to sightread BbbMaj7?

    I posted this in the general area as a response to the deadline for the orch. duel; I'll zap it there if need be.


    Ric's Waltz Leadsheet

    Ric's Waltz (ROUGH!!!) MP3 (1:04 total) (slightly edited Weds. AM)
    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Thumbs up Re: Ric's Waltz--ROUGH

    it is really nice.
    Could you develop it in the future?
    Thanks to sharing it with us.
    Best regards,

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    Re: Ric's Waltz--ROUGH

    I enjoyed your interpretation of the duel melody, and also look forward to hearing more.

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