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Topic: Audio from SX to GS3 for GigaPulse and back?

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    Audio from SX to GS3 for GigaPulse and back?

    On my main sequencer computer, I was thinking about trying to run GS3 behind SX and load up some Gigapulse instances. I'm using FX-Max GigaTeleport to run audio from my 2 GS machines back into my main, and from there would like to send 2 stereo busses to GS3's inputs for 2 instances of Gigapulse.

    I've been looking at building a GP only machine, but that's taking some research, and I'd like to get at least 2 instances set up now. I'm just not sure how to route the audio into GS3's mixer inputs. Anyone doing this? (the reason I'm not running 2 instances on my GS machines is that they just aren't fast enough to do it without pops and explosion artifacts. they're matched older P4 2.0's with PC133 (2GB each) and a 400mhz fsb, so they do samples okay, but not much else unfortunately.)

    I'd like to get this working asap, so any help would really be appreciated.


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    Re: Audio from SX to GS3 for GigaPulse and back?

    From what I'm finding so far, there doesn't seem to be a way to route audio signals from SX to GS3 internally (same computer) without using hardware card I/O. It looks like I'd have to asign the audio from SX to outputs on the card, then route it back into inputs on the card, and direct those inputs to the GS3 mixer inputs. Can anyone verify that this is the case?

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    Re: Audio from SX to GS3 for GigaPulse and back?

    I believe this is true. Also, the input card for GS has to be GSIF2.

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    Re: Audio from SX to GS3 for GigaPulse and back?

    Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that there was some sort of software that would do this, but I'm not finding much. Wormhole2 looked interesting (as far as routing audio to a separate GP only comp) but its not GSIF compatible, and it looks like it's more about routing to a different computer instead of within the same machine.

    In my heart of hearts, I'd just like to run 3 instances of GP for now, somehow. But all around me are some fairly steep walls:

    1) Upgrade both GS computers to machines that could handle at least 3 instances of GP each. Very expensive (due to age, I'd need 2 new power supplies, 4gb ddr, and 2 mobo/proccessors to upgrade the current ones.

    2) Add a dedicated GigaPulse only machine. Beneficial as I'd be capable of more instances, which could lead to a very elaborate and interesting configuration. But, audio I/O is a problem here too, as I'd have to add 2 new soundcards to my setup, one for my main sequencer/daw, and one for the GPulse computer. They'd need at least 2 adat lightpipes both ways, so I could treat the GP computer as a hardware reverb and loop it back into my daw for recording. Then there's the cost of a speedy computer to crunch 8 instances of Gigapulse.
    -I think this is the best way to go but I'm still thinking things through (also it'll be expensive expensive expensive... - But some thing like this will happen in the next month or two, no doubt.

    3) Buy a bigger sound card and find a way to run Gigapulse on my main daw, which can crunch the numbers for a few instances. At least for the time being, I could move towards the sound I'd like, even if I will be limited on what all I can do with that system. At first I thought this was a realistic goal, but the GSIF2 soundcard input only thing is an issue, despite the fact that my Delta is one, it just doesn't have enough I/O to support what I'm trying to do. I could get 1 instance running, I have no doubt, but I need 2-3 bussses worth (4-6 input channels on the sound card) and I don't have that.

    Sorry for rambling, but pondering this out loud is helping I think. I'm just not sure which way to go, and before I do, I'd like to know if I'm missing any other options. I kept thinking, "surely, there's a way send audio from one app to another on the same computer..." But nothing? Sorta suprising to me I guess.

    If anyone has a better way...?

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