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Topic: Video Games Live

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    Thumbs up Video Games Live

    Hey everyone,

    For those in the LA area, I wanted to make sure you all knew about the Video Games Live concert at the Hollywood Bowl on July 6th. The program is made up entirely of game music played by the Hollywood Bowl orchestra and choir. Plus there will be game footage played during each piece's performance.

    As a slight plug for myself, I did the arrangement/orchestration of a medley from Castlevania for the concert. I hope you'll all make it out to see the show. It promises to be a great evening. For more info check out the official home page at www.videogameslive.com


    Cris Velasco

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    Re: Video Games Live

    Well Cris, I look forward to hearing your arrangement when I see the show in August in Atlanta GA. Castlevania has always had some great compositions, so I can only imagine what it'll be like to hear some of these pieces played live.

    I've been waiting so long for something like this to come to my area. I just hope they do Koji Kondo's work justice with the Zelda pieces. My my, I can't bear the wait!

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    Re: Video Games Live


    The Final Fantasy concert is coming through Atlanta this summer as well.

    What up Cris.
    Chris Rickwood

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    Re: Video Games Live

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to check on that one too. I'm not a big Final Fantasy fan lately, but some of the classics would be worth hearing live.

    Any idea of where I can get more information on this? I looked around but googling is giving me year old info.

    Edit: Unless they're doing another show, I missed it by 5 days.

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    Re: Video Games Live

    I just read about it in the latest Creative Loafing.
    Chris Rickwood

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    Re: Video Games Live

    I'm hoping VGL comes to Benaroya in Seattle. I'm going to the FF concert here next Spring (2006), but hopefully I'll get to see VGL before then...

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    Re: Video Games Live

    Hey I'm no way near LA since I live in France !
    (I was in LA for E3 and the Final Fantasy Concert though )

    But I'd be nice to hear your arrangement, is a CD release planned after the concert ? (and not BEFORE @_@ like the Final Fantasy "More Friends" concert ?)
    News & Music here.

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    Re: Video Games Live

    Looks like the VGL concert will be coming to Chicago..great! I'll catch it when it comes here. Congrats, Cris!
    Sam Hulick

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    Thumbs up Re: Video Games Live

    The concert was a great success! Congrats to Jack and Tommy for making it all happen. I'll find out if the concert was recorded and try to post a clip of my Castlevania orchestration if I can.



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    Re: Video Games Live

    I wish I could have seen it - several people I know said it was awesome. One, a fellow musician, said he was particularly inspired by the Castlevania arrangements (like Wicked Child) to do his own. Great job!
    Zircon Studios - Original music for media, electronica, sound design, and synthesis.

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