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Topic: Just can't wait til...they're out and about!

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    Just can't wait til...they're out and about!

    Seems that no matter what day it is...I just can't wait til GPO Advanced and Big Band & Jazz are out and about!

    My mouth is just watering at the prospect of new demos for the upcoming libraries.

    I'd love to hear demos of the Euphoniums, Alto horns, Cimbassos, Wagner Tuben, Mellophones, a whole plethora of vintage strings and strange woodwinds, and of course, all this using Garritan's brilliant instrument programming for expressive playing.

    Then the Big Band with all those cool saxes, licking my lips waiting to hear the subcontrabass sax with all it's mighty seismic tone and the sopranino that will be singing like a bird.

    Just one question - is the Alto horn going to be included in GPO Advanced? I've been doing a little reading up on it and listening to a few Alto horn solos and ensembles, and the Alto horn is amazing, I prefer it's rich timbre over the trumpet.

    Wishing all well, and we're all hoping for the Advancing of GPO

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    Re: Just can't wait til...they're out and about!

    Not me! Tom and Gary insist on not adding in Large and small Flexitones for me in percussion so I am on strike! Well, not really ... I can't wait either.

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