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Topic: Bush Does it Again

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    Bush Does it Again

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    I can't believe the balls on the guy. Last night he says we have to stay in Iraq because it's a breeding ground for terrorists like those who attacked us on 9/11.

    Of course, he CONVENIENTLY fails to mention that it's a breeding ground for terrorists because of HIM and his bankrupt policies.

    There was a bad guy in Iraq before the invasion, no question about that. But there weren't any terrorists.

    2006 can't get here soon enough. Once we retake Congress maybe we can impeach the idiot.
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    Re: Bush Does it Again

    Yup, it's a mess. I just watched a BBC documentary about hostage taking in Iraq. It had interviews with some of the hostages themselves (unfortunately I can't remember all their names) and their relatives; how it affected them, their thoughts on the war, etc.
    The conclusion was that most of the hostages taken are political pawns; there's no 'ransom', and it appears the groups doing them are a lot more organised than they appear. Usually the decision whether they live or die has already been taken beforehand, and the taped videomessages are carefully orchestrated as to when they appear, and what message they carry. They're there to both demotivate and cause outrage among the american/EU public and at the same time send a clear message to the iraqi people; 'we have control and we're here to stay'. They monitor both foreign television and the internet very carefully as to the world's reaction and influence on public opinion.
    The point of my rant: as mentioned in the documentary, the hostage takers/terrorist groups actually thrive on the iraqi conflict. They were happy Bush was still in power as it continued the conflict which in turn strenghtened their hold and influence over the population.
    The conflict seems to have instilled an 'us versus them' motto in which anyone collaborating with 'the enemy' is a valid target; the hostages also included two iraqi's who worked for a foreign aid organisation.
    Apparently since the invasion started there have been over 270 hostages taken.

    I'm sorry, but this just doesn't rhyme with the 'we're bringing freedom and democracy' mantra that I witnessed 10 minutes later on CNN.

    I'm fortunate to live in a country that has not (yet, at least) been hit by a major terrorist strike. But at the same time I have a hard time believing/understanding that there are people who truly feel safer because of the situation in Iraq. To my mind, nothing regarding 9/11 has been solved in that conflict. If anything, it has caused more dissenting voices towards the west and western culture, something even noticeable in a small country like mine. Last year, a prominent dutch filmmaker was brutally murdered on the street by a muslim extremist. He had made a film that criticised muslim beliefs. I think that a conflict like the one in Iraq and 9/11 signify a rift between the west and the east. The more extreme our reaction (like starting a preemptive war), the more extreme the response will be.
    Although the dutch filmmaker's movie would have caused an outrage at any time, I think his murder is a sign of the times.
    This was something also reflected in the BBC documentary; the fate of the hostages mirrored what the hostage takers saw in the brutality of the war.

    I can't see this ending any time soon at the rate which the west (and esp. Bush) is going...


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    Re: Bush Does it Again

    And the silly thing is that all the pundits take it for granted that this is the forefront of the war on terror - which itself is a ludicrous concept.

    What a load of convoluted bollox.

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    Re: Bush Does it Again

    Yep, I've been preaching this since soon after we went to Iraq, And realized we just created a movement that wasn't as widespread before we got there.. The polls show that the american people are waking up, And it does my heart good to see that, But, Are we too late, How much damage in the international community did we do...? We americans are too slow to think about whats going on, we wanna hear what we wanna hear.. Is it because were so bad off economically that we don't have time to read between the lines and think for ourselves?? I realize, Thinkin' hurts... Bush is a corporate businessman, and an effective one at that.. I've worked for people just like him, and yes, you can stereotype him.. Welcome to the united corporations of america... i'm happy, and frustrated at the same time to see people waking up, and his approval rate go so far down... I am truly disappointed at how long it took america to figure this out... I have very little hope anymore that we as americans can stop this kind of destruction before it devastates us.. Yeah, I sound a little synical, but, I remember after bush won the election and before he took office when his speach was about, "We are in a recession", The american people looking around going, "what recession?" The economy was still thriving hard, clinton had tons of money built up, and the slight fluctation that is inherent in any economy was used to help justify later, the reason our economy went to ~~~~!! Oh well that's all it took to send the whole market, and everything spiralling downward, Does anyone remember that speech? Now the problem Bush didn't understand is, It's much harder to talk us out of a recession than it is to talk us into one... I have very little sympathy for those that voted for bush suffering the economic recession that we're in... I am losing faith in the american people.. Its frustrating to see the lack of mental effort, and the mental laziness of people... And Bush won by majority vote, Not the electoral college... So, I'm happy, and very sad at the same time.. Cause we can easily be fooled again, the experiment has been conducted... It may not have been an intentional experiment, But it serves the same purpose concerning what we will accept and deal with... I do not toe a party line, I am a realist, If a democrat was in power and did the same thing, My judgement on it would still stand as firmly as it does today, So don't let that blur anyones perception...

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    Re: Bush Does it Again

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    I read a poll that almost 50% of the people who heard his speech "felt better" about Iraq. I just shake my head in wonder.

    I'd wager that that almost 50% is the same almost 50% that has been supporting it for the last couple months -- which is a considerable drop from a year ago.

    You also have to ask yourself, how many people actually HEARD the speech?
    Robert Gregory Browne
    KISS HER GOODBYE (now available)
    KILLER YEAR: Stories to Die For (Jan. 2008)
    St. Martin's Press

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