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Topic: From GPO to Kontakt

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    Question From GPO to Kontakt

    I am wondering if there is or there will in the future the possibility to convert a *.gpo file into a *.nkm file.
    For it would be very interesting because I love to orchestrate with GPO in kontakt full!!!!
    Thank you very much,

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    Re: From GPO to Kontakt

    GPO uses the monolithic file format that Kontakt uses so it will load in Kontakt fine. You need the latest update for it to work properly in Kontakt 2.

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    Re: From GPO to Kontakt

    You also need to be aware of one difference between the GPO player and the full version of Kontakt: The GPO player uses a system of text files to load default values for the controllers cc20 through cc24 for each instrument. Kontakt does not respond to these default values so you must go to the trouble to enter data into the beginning of each track if you wish the instruments to load with their proper values. This is especially important for length control (cc21, value 64). Without the default value the instruments will load with a release time double the value in the player. Inconvenient, but unavoidable.


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