I saw someone else posted this recently but noone replied so I might as well ask on my behalf. I just installed GS and have yet to hear a sound because when I try and start the midi loop it says another device is using the audio. Here is what I know:

1) My other sound programs ( Sound Forge, etc.. )play audio
2) I have disabled everything that on the surface that could possibly be interfering ( windows system sounds, etc.... )
3) I have disabled ( as much as I can ) any synth sounds on board my sound card ( tech guy suggestion )
4) I have a SB PCI 128 that shares the same IRQ ( 10 ) as my video cards ( both video cards that I have tried share IRQ 10 with my sound card)

I read another post stating that certain sound cards dont share IRQ\'s? This is a little out of my knowledge base. I have a full mac system so I don\'t want to get to crazy with blowing money ( too late ) on beefed up PC sound cards. Does anyone have any experience with SB Live and the IRQ sharing phenomenon? I am pretty much grasping at straws now. The GS technical help guy has been pretty good about steering me in the right direction but we haven\'t quite nailed it down yet.