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Topic: 1 pc or 2??

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    Re: 1 pc or 2??

    If you’re running Win2k or WinNT (which I gather from a 2 CPU MB), you’ll need to run GSt on another machine, as it’s not yet compatible with Win2k.

    Otherwise, it depends on what you’re needs are. If they’re modest, then one PC should suffice, at least to start out.

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    1 pc or 2??

    hi i am i the market now for a giga studio i have to have a devoted pc or can i use the one i have now. ( with modest upgrade)
    if i use the one i have now will i be one thin ice .. pushing the system too much experiencing crashes etc.
    system is :

    supermicro: dual 733 intel 133 bus
    512 sdram pc 100
    system deive ide 13 gig
    audio drive: 18gig atlas mk11
    delta 1010
    software: logic audio platinum 4.7, sounddiver
    unitor 8 mk11
    additiona hardware
    roland xv5080
    korg x3
    yamaha vl70m
    thanks in advance

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