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Topic: What's the latest on pops and clicks?

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    What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    I\'ve got 2 PIII\'s with exactly the same components and one of \'em is giving me maybe 30 or 40 voices before it starts popping.
    This is driving me loopy as deadlines loom and I spend most of my workday troubleshooting computers rather than COMPOSING!!!!!
    What the latest info on possible remedies for this? I believe my disk drivers to be up to date so I don\'t know what to check next.
    Any ideas folks? ANYTHING!?!?!?!?!


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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    Exactly the same components meaning same harddrives, same soundcard and same motherboard?

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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    There is probably an outdated BIOS or driver set somewhere in there, given that all else is equal.

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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    Yep, absolutely every component is exactly the same. I ordered the parts online and had the computer assembled. I just built the computer I wanted and then ordered 2 of everything.
    I\'ll check BIOS settings again but I\'m pretty sure they are the same too.

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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    are you using USB, or is USB enabled on one and not the other? Giga seems to hate my USB and I get frequent pops & clicks. I still get that 2 minute pop if I don\'t load, unload, and then load again (the old trick).

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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    Not using USB at all. Using a MIDI Soundcard. Haven\'t checked the USB setting. Not sure if it\'s enabled or not on either computer. I\'ll check that out.

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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    Oh ok, there are two possibilities I can think of:

    a) if you had the systems assembled, the guys did not put the cards in the same slots, or did not connect the harddrive cabling in the same way. Probably the second system has cards in slots sharing IRQs or has slaved drives or some such. Guaranteed to cause trouble.

    b) Drivers / firmware revisions differ. I am not referring to the BIOS settings but the actual BIOS version itself. *every* driver update can potentially solve a problem (including stuff like your video card, your video card\'s onboard BIOS, etc.)

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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    I was getting ready to Flash the BIOS on the SCSI controller but checked and they already match. I\'m only using one drive for both system and samples so it\'s not a slaved drive thing. All cards are in the same slots but it\'s possible, I suppose, that IRQ assignments got mucked up along the way.

    When I get a chance I will check it out but the damn thing has decided to not even start up now so I may be looking at a motherboard issue which KILLS me since I already sent this motherboard back once and this is the \"new\" one!! Aaahhh! I would LOVE to be able to swear right now. *******!!!!!!
    Fortunately my other machine is working perfectly (well, almost...I can only get as far as about 110 voices without consistent pops and clicks) and getting me by for now.

    Thanks for the help guys. When I can sweep some work out of the way and buy my self some time to trouble shoot this I will and I\'ll report the results in depth.
    Thanks again!


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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?

    Using a Raid 0 Array with two IBM GPX 40 GB, always had clicks and pops synchronously with harddisk access from Gigastudio. after
    i switched PCI Delay Transaction to a different setting then zero all the pops and clicks where gone ! Now the performance is GREAT !

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    Re: What\'s the latest on pops and clicks?


    My bad \'motherboard\' turned out actually to be a video card issue. Swapped in a different video card and all was well. This has not solved the pops and clicks problem but at least I\'m up and running up to about 70 voices. After that it\'s like walking on bubble-wrap.
    All other parameters mentioned so far seem to be ok. Any other suggestions, even the longest of long shots, are welcome!
    Thanks folks!


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