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Topic: How much RAM for confortable use ??

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    How much RAM for confortable use ??

    Hello, still around as a near-to buy GS guy !!
    So I keep on inquiring about things that might be of use in determining my budget.
    I saw In Nemesys\' site that RAM greatly dictates how many samples you can simultaneously play, and there\'s even a chart about it...
    Unfortunately, I don\'t really realize what xx hundreds samples in GigaRealWorld mean... not much, I guess, if I see the high-quality libraries around.
    SO : as seasoned users, which amount of RAM do you qualify \"confortable\" for an \"average\" use -not dozens of instruments, but enough samples anyway to allow variety of articulations-.
    (I know that \"average\" is a little vague, but I just mean to say that I\'m not the \"there-is-160-notes-polyphony-SO-I-will-use-160-notes\" type....)
    Thanks !

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    Re: How much RAM for confortable use ??

    You should be able to come pretty far with 512MB. I have 1GB but I rarely use more than about 40% of my memory when I do orchestral music.

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    Re: How much RAM for confortable use ??

    I have 512MB and haven\'t run out yet. I\'m only using Ports 1 & 2 at this point but I\'m filling all 32 channels including a Piano.
    I haven\'t hit the ceiling yet! (though I\'ve made it to the 90%s a couple of times)


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    Re: How much RAM for confortable use ??


    I bought this amazing software a month ago to get into orchestral simulations . I have a dell 4100 maxed out with 520 mgb of ram. I don,t seem to be able to load as much as I wan,t with out maxing out the memory . I am using Dan Dean stuff which is hungry but I am unloading unmapped instruments. Am I dreaming ??? I would like to have all four sections loaded but this isn,t gonna happen with my memory issues . I am new to pc,s , so maybe i,m doing something inane .
    Can you allocate more memory for the program?



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