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Topic: The latest on chipsets/processors

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    The latest on chipsets/processors

    Can anybody tell me what is the latest news on the best processor to buy for a fast GS system? Intel has released it\'s i845 chipset, but the speed of the SDRAM really slows the system down. Alternative is an Athlon, which has a superior FPU, yet on the other hand it makes use of chipsets which are said to manage the memory not as good as the Intel chipsets do, and the Intel chipsets also are more stable and recommended by companies like Tascam.
    At the moment having the best FPU performance is not the most essential thing to be focussing on when using GS, yet in future versions of GS more NFX plugins will become available, and then the FPU WILL matter a lot more than it does right now.
    Suppose you want to build a system that is ready for what the future has to offer, a system that will not be obsolete in a year\'s time, what would be the best way to go as far as stability and system performance are concerned?

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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors

    I\'ve been very confused about this myself. I see lots of people using Athlons (like Soundchaser for instance) but it seems most Athlon motherboards use the Via chipset which I\'ve been warned about. And yes, Tascam recommends Intel chipsets directly on their web site. I\'d love it if someone could shed some light on the subject.

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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors

    The AMD760/761 chipset seems to be very quick and stable. On the latest audio machine that I built, I purposely stayed away from the VIA chipset because of the problems some people have run into when audio work.


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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors

    What motherboards use the AMD chipset? Which one did you use on your last Audio system?


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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors

    I just built 2 PC for giga. One using the Pentium III processor ( 1 Ghz ) and the other using a thunderbird 1.4 Ghz.
    The Thunderbird machine SCREAMS, cheaper and noticeably faster than the P III. The Via chipset used on the Thunderbird is very stable. I don\'t know why people are having problems with the Via chipset ( this is my 4 th AMD machines using the Via KT-133A and never a problem ).
    One thing that i can definitely tell you guys is that the soundcard makes a HUGE difference in performance and stability...and NOT all GSIF sound card perform the same nor the quality of its driver are the same.
    I\'ve had a chance to test a whole bunch of them and to be honest, only a few of them are up to par and considered to be \" professional \" quality.

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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors

    What\'s your take on the RME cards?

    I built a gigaSystem with an Echo Gina24 once and all was good except for a latency of 12-15 ms (this was the drift from note to note). I was hoping to get around 8 or less latency from note-on to audio recorded into my sequencing DAW. Have you had experiences with the Echo cards?

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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors


    So, which sound card do you use?

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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors

    I have tested cards from Maudio/Midiman, Aardvark, Soundscape, Motu, Echo, RME, Frontier Design.
    First as far as intergrated midi..the only card that i find fairly tight is the Frontier Design stuff...but to be honest a good seperate midi interface performs better, besides it gives you multiport capabilities...try to stay away from the USB midi interfaces, except for the Emagic Unitor 8, all USB interface we tried sucked ( very unreliable and sloppy ).
    Now for the sound card : ALL GSIF drivers made by Motu SUCKED ( we tried the 2408 family and the new 828 ), the Motu interfaces work GREAT within the Mac environment especially with its own software ( Digital Performer ).
    The Frontier Design product works fine, though i did not test it fully. The Mixtreme cards by Soundscape and the Aardvark interfaces works very well with Giga.
    The RME Hammerfall 9652 performs beautifully and if you have the $ to match it with the ADI-8...VERY nice sounding...this converter sounds as good as my top of the line ProTools interface ( 888/24 ) used in my ProTools Mix+ rig.
    The Maudio ( Delta 1010 ) sounds very good and works well also with Giga but its buitl in Midi is not great.
    The Echo stuff is not bad but not as tight and reliable as the RME, Mixtreme, Aardvark...the funny thing is, if you use the older ( 20 bit ) Echo interfaces...stick with the older drivers, they perform better than the newer driver they have out now.

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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors

    Thanx Vudoo!!

    This is in a nutshell the ONLY comparative giga sound card overview I have ever heard. Wish somebody would do a more lengthly test and classify the cards in what categories they shine ...or not.

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    Re: The latest on chipsets/processors

    vudoo, Which soundcard are you using now? You have any plans to test more cards? Just kidding! I just want to know which one the pick (one of seven). That\'s all!

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