i am a bit surprised how little integration info is on the website. is there a downloadable pbf anywhere on installation?

i am getting the giga studio for a seperate
computer so i have a few questions.
1. i have a delta 1010 and and a unitor 8 w/ logic. ( 4 i/o are being used with my current synths)
2. for the giga computer what is a good choice for a midi interface? do i need another multi chanel interface? how many midi outs does the gigastudio have?
3 what about audio channels? is it best to have the same audio card as the sequener computer? since the delta 1010 has spdif can i just use a lower cost spdif out to the delta ?
4.what network protocols are required?
5. what about sync? how do i achieve the
least lactency.
thanks in advanced