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Topic: Current 4 port router too small

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    Current 4 port router too small

    Hi there,

    Everyone has been so helpful on sourcing the KVM switch. Adding this '3rd' Giga PC has casued me to have to add other items as well (out growing existing support gear.)

    I have an existing 4 port and wireless DLINK 614+ router I use for my studio PC's (as well as my home laptop wireless for general emails and internet).

    Adding this 3rd PC is forcing me to have to pick up more 'ports' switch / router.

    I have 4 PC's in my studio - can someone recommend a 4-8 port gigabit switch (I might as well up to a gigabit switch at this point for the studio - just in case I ever go to FX Teleport).

    My other question is that since I have other wireless 'home' PC's on the existing router, can I connect the existing router into the new gigabit switch. Any problems there (I assume I would have to go to an 8 port giga switch then)

    Thanks for the help from any of you network guru's

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Current 4 port router too small

    Hey Scott (Cairns),

    Saw this recommendation


    Looks great. 5 ports would give me enough for my 4 PC's plus connecting into my existing router (with the wireless PC's for general internet). I assume I could also tap into the internet on the Studio PC's this way if I had to DL softrware updates, etc.

    Thanks Scott (or others)

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Current 4 port router too small

    Hey guys,


    This switch is 8 port and wireless - seems like this would be the best 'value' - any problems using this one (I would just scrap the existing one) and just use this for all the PC's - Studio and Home.)

    Thanks for your comments.

    Rob Elliott Music

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